About us


Dean Wenrich has over 30 years of construction experience and project management. 

As a lead supervisor, he worked in all aspects of construction including window and door installation, as well as, flooring and painting.

Dean became interested in lead work 13 years ago when his grandchild was diagnosed with Autism, Aspergers, and Tourettes Syndrome.  Lead has been linked to these conditions. 

As a result, Dean became a Certified Lead Risk Assessor inspecting homes, creating scopes of work, and project management.  He is also a Certified Lead Project Designer allowing for the handling of larger projects.

Seeing a need for a more experienced Lead Inspection Company with actual hands-on experience and not just class room experience, Hammer Creek Environmental LLC was born. 

Registered with the EPA LBP F246987-1 

PA License #057712 

Lead Abatement Supervisor, Lead Risk Assessor, Lead Project Designer 

RRP Certified  

Fully insured 

Our Company is able to do all aspects of lead work  

  • Lead Risk Assessments 
  • Paint Inspections 
  • Rental Lead Inspections 
  • Lead Safe Certifications 
  • Dust Wipe Sampling 
  • Project Design 
  • Scopes of work 
  • Lead Clearances 

Unlike adults, children don't have the ability to move away from hazards in the home.  Of all the dangers in the world that children face, their home should not be one of them. 



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